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Eikenhout Inc. is a full service distributor of roofing, siding,  windows, doors and decks.  What began in 1894 as a roofing supplier has  grown into the largest independently owned distributor in West Michigan.

Housed in the original warehouse on 346 Wealthy SW Eikenhout began by selling roofing supplies in the Grand Rapids area. It grew into providing the  tar necessary for built up roofing in the commercial market as well as  asphalt shingles for residential homes.  The winters were sometimes slow and at times they weaved baskets in our upper storage area of the  original building.  You do not have to tell us that ingenuity is often  required in our business.  Fortunately we were better at roofing then  basket weaving and our 115 year history proves that out.

We added other lines of material as needs demanded. Today we have as much square footage dedicated to siding as we do roofing.  Our  commitment to providing Michigan with windows has allowed us to create  “your window store” in each of our showrooms.

Our local ownership is unique in that they work side by side with our customers.  They appreciate and know each individual customer who is  working hard every day to provide for their family.  Historically,  Eikenhout has partnered with our customers to help them reach their goal and we have a profound appreciation for each contractor.  In fact  Eikenhout was built on the “little guys” who understand service,  partnership and dependability.

Today Eikenhout has seven different locations throughout Michigan and has changed the landscape of how business is done.  It is not through  offering inferior products or sloppy service. It is by treating every  customer as though they are our most important asset and providing them  with materials, knowledge and service that reflects our priority in  helping them succeed.

We are proud to drive by homes and see more of our roofing, siding and windows installed in Michigan homes than any other distributor. We are fortunate to have such great customers.

It started with Mastic, a brand with a long history of quality and innovation. Mastic’s experience with home exterior  solutions began in 1932 when they pioneered the low-maintenance siding  market with the introduction of InselBric®, an asphalt-based product  that was both durable and attractive. Mastic’s innovation continued,  with the breakthrough invention of vinyl siding in 1959.

In 1989, Mastic joined with Alcoa to offer the  industry's widest selection of premium vinyl siding products and “best  in industry” Performance Metals aluminum siding products. Together, an  unparalleled offering of premier home exterior products, service and  support was created. We are proud that today, one of every four  remodeled homes with vinyl siding uses Mastic Home Exteriors siding

Check out the Dreamhome Tool. You can experiement creating different siding mixes and color combinations.

ASTRO BUILDING PRODUCTS = In 1977 we had a vision to offer Northern Michigan the finest collection of energy-efficient and maintenance-free building products... products that would allow you to enjoy your home more while working less on it. We also knew energy costs would continue to rise, so we researched products around the world and are pleased to provide you with the finest energy-efficient products being produced today... products that will keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer for a lot less cost.